Advent & Christmas in Tyrol 15.11.2022- 6.1.2023

Every year, Innsbruck puts on a quintessential Christmas display at its six captivating "Christkindl" markets boasting around 200 festive stalls.
The wide range of offers and the magical setting, with its combination of Alpine flair and living tradition, draw lots of people to the city.

From the Golden Roof in the Old Town, all aglitter with festive decorations, to the majestic Nordkette mountains, an enchanting mix of art, culture and cuisine bestows a festive ambience - a Christmas journey like no other!
All our markets apply the 2G rule (Green Pass) and you have to wear a FFP 2 Mask, all information can be found here.

The seven christmas markets in Innsbruck



A magical light park in Innsbruck's Imperial Gardens

Highlights at the markets