Saint Nicholas is coming ...

In the crisp December air, children gather with excitement at Innsbruck's Christmas markets, eagerly anticipating the arrival of Saint Nicholas. Accompanied by angels and playful 'Krampus' helpers, the festive figure makes a magical entrance, transforming the city into a holiday wonderland.

The heartwarming tradition unfolds as children, wide-eyed with anticipation, share poems with Saint Nicholas. In return, the generous saint expresses gratitude with carefully chosen gifts, sparking smiles not only on young faces but also on those of the adults who briefly embrace the joy of the season.

This enchanting encounter between Saint Nicholas and the community captures the essence of the holidays, offering a shared moment of warmth, gratitude, and togetherness. As the night unfolds, laughter, shared stories, and the sweet scent of holiday treats fill the air, creating cherished memories for all.

In the heart of Innsbruck, this annual tradition becomes a timeless celebration, reminding everyone that the true magic of Christmas lies not just in the twinkling lights but in the simple joys of love and connection. Join us in experiencing the holiday spirit as Saint Nicholas brings smiles and festive cheer to the heart of our charming city.

The dates for 2024 will be announced.