The Spirit of Christmas

The Spirit of Christmas can be clearly felt at Landestheater Nebenplatz. A moving nativity scene delights every day with a free performance. The Jaufenthaler Nativity Scene was donated by its owner of the same name. This technical marvel is a gift to all children and is a fantastic sight in the run-up to Christmas. 15 motors move 28 figures, drive a waterfall and ring church bells. A Christmas world comes to life!

The result of several thousand working hours
Friedl Jaufenthaler, born in 1932 and deceased in 2004, was a “pioneer” in Mutters, where he lived with his family. He had dealt with handicrafts since his youth. During his lifetime, he developed movable Easter graves and nativity scenes, which are still an expression of his traditional life and his interest in the religious customs of Tyrol.
The nativity scene builder invested several thousand working hours in the work of art, which depicts the Christmas story in sound and vision.In 2002, Friedl Jaufenthaler donated the nativity scene to the city of Innsbruck.